Classic Tantric Session   

Both Tantra and Tantric Massage is an ancient Indian philosophy that dates back to 3000 BC and was closely linked to the worship of the Indian god Shiva and the goddess Shakti. According to Tantric philosophy, the emergence and creation of our world should be seen as a gesture of love. To classify the techniques of well-being, Tantric massages is to relax, improve and develop awareness of ourselves and to feel intense and real pleasure. It is ideal to practice couple tantric massage because it stimulates the body and the mind and helps to transcendence. Tantric massage releases all the muscle tension and stress and improve your spiritually while it stimulates the imagination and makes favourable to meditative mind practices. The goal of tantric massage is to provide an extreme physical pleasure and bring a feeling of ecstasy. Another purpose of the tantric massage is to restore your self confidence and respect for your own body. After a session, you will feel that your soul is full with pace, your body is relaxed, your sensuality and sexuality will increase.