Covent Garden Studio is Available

Treat Yourself to a Unique Maya Massage Experience

If you are facing blockages in your abdominal area or fertility issues then sign up for our Maya massage experience. Our expert masseuse at Angels Touch will help reposition your uterus and remove any blockages enabling your reproductive system and sexual organs to function more efficiently.

The process of our Maya massage in Queensway is non-invasive in its approach, employing gentle massage techniques to realign the internal organs, obliterating congestions and blockages that cause tension within the body.

This massage session is meant to relax as much as heal, and so Angels will play tranquil music while sousing your body in natural aromatic oils. Our lovely, friendly and experienced massage therapists are open to your requests and are ready to help you unleash your body’s true sensual potential, heightening your senses and relaxing them at the same time.

Pamper Yourself with our Bath Rituals Session in Queensway

Have your body cleansed with the most sensual cleansing ritual in Queensway with the Angels Touch Massage! This will serve as the most effervescent start to your tantric healing journey. The angel you choose for your bath ritual session will lead you into a private bathing room and request you get comfortable while they prepare your bath.

After unclothing, you will asked to settle into the bath while your beautiful masseuse will initiate the session by covering your body in a soft soapy lather. The feel of the soap against your skin is one of soothing, gentle and arousal. You will gradually feel your senses heighten as your masseuse embellishes you in medium-deep and relaxing caresses. The entire session is performed naked which in itself ignites a spark of excitement.

Indulge in a Sensual Body Massage with our Gorgeous Angels

Bid goodbye to the pressures of modern life and welcome newfound pleasures with the aid of passionate and exotic sensual body massage services at the hands of our angelic massage therapists in Queensway. At Angels Touch Massage, you can gratify your deepest and darkest desires with the help of our seasoned erotic massage therapists. They are learned in the ancient tantric arts and are more than capable of discharging all the blocked energies in your body, providing an all-encompassing rejuvenating experience. Our sensual body massage services are available throughout London, in locations like Notting Hill Gate, Covent Garden and even Leicester Square, both on an in-call and outcall basis.