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A Brief Guide to Understanding Maya Massage Therapy for Women

November 7, 2023 | admin | 0

Maya massage Bayswater

This alternative therapeutic technique goes by various names in different parts of the world – womb massage, fertility massage and even soda de matriz. In whichever way it may be addressed, Maya Abdominal Therapy offers several healing benefits and can have a life-changing impact on one’s health. According to the ancient Mayans, the abdomen is considered a centre for healing. They believe it to be a vessel where all the emotions are stored, it is therefore considered a super-powered organ that contributes to the very foundation of the individual’s health.

It is the abdominal muscles that are responsible for connecting the upper and lower half of the body, thus impacting the way we breathe or move. If muscles in the abdomen are unable to align the two primary portions of the body, it can result in blockages of energy paths, and prevent the passage of communication and nutrients, thereby hampering the body from functioning properly.

Women who are struggling with fertility and other abdominal health issues can opt for Maya massage in Bayswater as an alternative to other traditional healing methods like herbs and Yoni steam baths .

Continue reading this blog to learn more about Maya’s abdominal therapy.

What is Maya’s Abdominal Therapy :-

The Maya Abdominal Massage is a traditional form of massage therapy focused on the abdominal muscles, connective tissues and internal organs. It involves naturally massaging the exterior of the abdomen, which helps guide the organs back into their correct positioning.

When the internal organs are restored to proper alignment, issues like congestion and blockages get reduced, thus resuscitating the free flow of energy, nutrients and communication, as well as the smooth removal of waste.

The Arvigo technique applied during Maya’s abdominal massage therapy helps reposition the pelvic abdominal organs and muscles and improves their functioning by releasing both physical and emotional congestion in the abdomen.

When Maya massage is performed the therapist focuses their movements on both sides of the body, dedicating their focus on the stomach, womb and lower back area. The Uterus is the most important organ that needs to be aligned as it is practically the centre of the body. If the Uterus goes out of balance, so does the rest of the body.

With the help of gentle manipulations, a Maya massage therapist can restore balance to the abdomen. A balanced uterus equips the body with the ability to heal itself better and restore the centre to its optimal health.

Maya massage is applied over the abdomen and lower back area in a slow, deep and penetrating manner. This helps soften the deep muscle tissue spasms which helps heal the muscular tension in the diaphragm.

Contrary to popular belief, both men and women can benefit from Maya massage therapy as it helps improve blood flow in the abdomen. This helps heal organs necessary for digestion, assimilation, elimination, secretions and reproduction.

Why Go for a Maya Womb Massage ➡ 

The Maya Abdominal Massage is a common alternative treatment opted by women who are struggling with fertility. They may be considering or undergoing treatments such as IVF or IUIs to help them conceive. The Maya massage is an excellent complementary therapy that helps improve the prospects of other traditional treatments. This technique can restore the Uterus to its appropriate position, thereby opening up the communication channels in the body that can help improve fertility.

With time waste material, negative emotions, pollution and toxins accumulate in the abdominal organs. Eventually, it causes knots to form which impedes blood flow, nerve communication and flow of energy. With the help of abdominal massage, it is possible to untangle these knots, release pent-up energy and detoxify the blood flowing into the organs.

The primary organs that are in focus here include the uterus, ovaries and the fallopian tube. These organs have self-healing capabilities. By facilitating the flow of blood, lymph, energy and nerve communication through these organs, it is possible to accelerate their healing and provide a balancing effect.

Some of the most common symptoms that are relived through Maya’s abdominal massage include the following :-

(1) A well-regulated menstrual cycle

(2) Reduced pain during the menstrual cycle

(3) Reduced or removed pain during intercourse

(4) Natural method of detoxifying the body

(5) Significant decline in the level of stress

(6) Improves a tipped or prolapsed uterus

(7) Provides relief to symptoms of endometriosis, PMS, menopause and perimenopause

(8) Enhances digestion

(9) Relieves constipation

(10) Strengthens the pelvic floor

(11) Less pain caused by ovarian cysts and fibroids

(12) Lesser yeast and bladder infections

All the above-mentioned symptoms originate from poor reproductive health caused by a misaligned uterus. The womb massage specifically targets this essential area of the body. The technique is implemented in a way that helps alleviate built-up tension, stress and negative energy in the body.

When an individual experiences negative emotions like fear, resentment and jealousy, they originate in the abdominal area which causes the muscles to twist and tighten. This leads to the formation of knots which restricts the flow of oxygen and nutrients in the body. The Maya abdominal massage guides the uterus back into its original position which helps remove these issues from the abdomen.

What to Expect from the Treatment

Just like in a regular massage, the Maya massage therapist may also begin their session with an initial consultation before starting with their bodywork. This allows the patient to know more about the history of the massage enabling them to develop a more elaborate self-care plan.

When the treatment commences, the masseuse works on both sides of the abdomen using gentle manipulations. This can also include other techniques like cupping therapy and Moxa.

During the day post the treatment, the body may feel sore due to the effects of the manipulation. The patient may notice a change in their menstrual cycle. They may also experience some degree of discharge due to the body’s natural process of detoxification. Keep in mind that these side effects are just the body’s natural method of balancing itself.

The patient showing up for the Maya massage therapy mustn’t be pregnant or menstruating at the time of the massage session. They should turn up to the appointment without any food, alcohol or caffeine in their system.

Conclusion :mrgreen: 

Scores of individuals have been positively impacted with the help of Maya massage therapy. Not only has it improved abdominally-related issues like the menstrual cycle and removal of negative energy, but it has also enhanced the overall health of the individual.

Maya massage need not be convened at a clinic or massage spa. It can also be received as an Outcall massage in Bayswater within the comfort of one’s home .

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