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What to Expect During a Classic Tantric Session

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An authentic Tantric massage has been in practice for centuries and despite popular belief, it is not a mere sexual experience. The methods that have been in use are a sacred practice dating back as old as medieval India. It is a form of erotic massage with a specific goal in mind which is to evoke awareness of one’s body and being through enlightening touches and breathwork.

Individuals who are seeking out a Classic Tantric Session in Paddington most likely wish to establish a stronger connection with their inner self and physicality. This is exactly what a tantric masseuse intends to provide. Find out more about what to expect when attending a tantric massage by rereading this blog. 

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What is an authentic Tantric Massage ?


The world of Tantric massage is quite extensive and vast, it can be experienced in various ways. Most tantric masseuses are specialized in various methods of massage and some even boast of different levels of experience. The primary focus of a masseuse during a tantric session is breathwork and eye gazing. Such activities help create a deeper connection at a spiritual level.

During a modern-day tantric session, the masseuse would use erotic techniques to affect physical stimulation and help establish a connection at a deeper level. This means that there can be no universal definition of tantric massage. The experience can vary among different masseuses.  

What Can Be Expected During a Classic Tantric Session ? Bath Rituals Session Central London


Although not all tantric massage sessions are conducted similarly, certain aspects remain consistent such as heightened sexual arousal and inducing waves of pleasure :-  Private massage therapist Notting hill Gate

(1) The Setting :

The setting used in a tantric session is one of calmness and tranquillity. Some masseuses would also incorporate specialized treatments like aromatherapy using scented candles, oil burners, air diffusers and incense. Implementing serene audio in the background further enhances the sensory experience.

(2) Massage Bed :

Unlike traditional massage therapies, tantric masseuses usually prefer to conduct the massage session on a comfortable massage bed to provide that full-body massage experience. The use of a massage bed provides much stability for the masseuse.   

(3) Lubrication :

Tantric masseuses apply oil mixes to their clients’ bodies during the massage. These concoctions consist of various carrier oils, for instance, jojoba oil, coconut oil and other essential oils like Jasmine or Lavender. With the help of these lubricants, the masseuse keeps their hands and body slick and smooth.  

(4) Private Consultation :

Before beginning the massage session, the tantric masseuse would try to get to know the client and their preferences. Having the right expectations is important for the masseuse would try to understand their client’s level of comfort.

(5) Preparation :

It is a standard hygiene practice practised by professional masseuses where they prep the massage room and table, sanitizing and cleaning it before the session.

Types of Tantric Touches


During a tantric massage, the masseuse incorporates various techniques, choreographing the session in a way that makes the experience unique.

The following touches are among those that can be expected : Adult Massage Services Paddington

(A) Grounding Touches :

The masseuse uses their hands to apply direct pressure to stretch the muscles and stimulate blood flow.

(B) Energy Transference :

Moving forward, the masseuse would now begin to focus their attention on the client’s back, shoulders and arms, all the way down to the thighs and buttocks. This is when the masseuse would attempt to activate the “Kundalini” energy and help spread it across the body.

(C) Erotic Awakening :

At some point during a sensual tantric massage, the masseuse would start using her thighs, arms, breasts and pelvis to stimulate the different parts of the client’s body.  

(D) Turning Over :

In due course, the masseuse would start using body-to-body slides and plenty of eye engagement. They use sensual techniques to activate the erogenous zones on the client’s body – such as the Lingam and Yoni. One can expect it to be highly pleasurable.

(E) Releasing Energy and Cool Down :

All expert tantric masseuses aspire to attain a full boy orgasm and intense climactic release. This sensual experience heightens the state of sensitivity but the client can return to normal reality with help from the masseuse’s touches.

Benefits of Opting for a Tantric Massage Erotic massage services Paddington


To put things briefly into perspective, the tantric massage is strictly meant to induce pleasure.

Some of the benefits are :  Sensual body massage Paddington

(i) Releasing Sexual as well as mental tension

(ii) Healing emotional misbalances and repairing traumatic feelings

(iii) Rectifying problems with achieving orgasm

(iv) Boost confidence and self-awareness

(v) Revitalizes stagnancy in relationships

(vi) Helps in overcoming erectile dysfunction

What to Look for in the Ideal Tantric Masseuse ?


Now that we have explained some of the aspects one can hope to experience during a tantric massage session,

It is time to review the traits or characteristics to look for in the ideal tantric massage therapist : Maya massage Notting hill Gate

(I) Adequate Tantric Training :

Although there are scores of crash courses available online on tantric massage, they are unlikely to equip a masseuse with all the skills necessary to perform authentic tantric massage. As it is related to healing one’s energy, the wrong intentions can have the opposite effect. Reputable tantric massage centres ensure their masseuses have undergone an inner transformation, purifying their energy and attitude before beginning their practice as tantric masseuses. 

(II) Daily Spiritual Practice :

It is crucial to opt for a tantric masseuse who has been practising the art for several years. If an individual is attending a tantric massage for the first time, they might not get the best benefits if worked on by a beginner. Better to look for a masseuse who is equipped with at least 200 hours of hands-on experience. As this therapy involves working with other people’s energy, the masseuses themselves need to spend a lot of time purifying their energy. A masseuse needs to have several years of experience to intimately understand their energy.    

(III) Sexual Continence :

A tantric masseur who practices tantric massage in their own life is likely to have a better understanding of their erotic energy. One can awaken their own deeper sexual energy but to do so they require proper guidance from a veteran tantric masseur who has mastered their sexual energy. This reassures the client that the masseur will not lose control during their session. Adult Massage Services Queensway

Outcall massage Bayswater (IV) Seek out Recommendations :

As Tantric massage is becoming more popular and widespread as a means of healing and self-development, more people are opting for it regularly. They often share their experience online enabling others to learn from the experience. Getting recommendations from one’s set of connections will surely help land a quality tantric masseuse.

(V) Avoid Boastful Advertising :

Some would advertise their tantric massage services claiming it to be the most pleasurable experience. That is not always the case for they don’t always turn out to be good practitioners. They would rather boast over different types of services just to get more clients. Such scammers need to be avoided. 



A tantric massage is a classic touch massage in Paddington that imbibes both tension release and induces relaxation. Walking in with the right expectations can help amplify the effects of the massage experience. A tantric massage can be felt to be blissful and refreshing.

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