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Jaw Dropping Facts about Erotic Massage Services You Should Know

October 6, 2023 | admin | 1

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Sensuality is a vital aspect of living a fulfilling love. Every individual on earth feels the need to express their sensuality in one way or another. In many instances it goes unexpressed leading to pent-up sexual; tension, inevitably translating itself to fatigue, mental exhaustion, frustration and a lack of energy and figure.

Opting for a relaxing massage at a spa can help address these issues besides providing a relaxing and calming experience. Erotic massage services in Bayswater help elevate this experience a step further. In addition to making individuals feel relaxed, it also provides the much-required stimulation to let them express their sensuality, eventually leading to a release of pent-up energy. This leaves the individual feeling fully exfoliated and rejuvenated .

Anyhow, there are a few common misconceptions that people have regarding erotic massages which will be addressed in this blog. 

What is an Erotic Massage ?

The human body is built in a way that makes it possible for it to experience different dimensions of sensual pleasure by stimulating the five senses, namely – sight, sound, smell, taste and most importantly touch. In an erotic massage, these senses are heightened by playfully stimulating them in a way that evokes a deeper sense of intimacy. 

This type of intimacy is usually shared between two individuals as a means of communicating love and tenderness. It is often the initial part of the process of foreplay. A professional erotic masseuse or massage therapist would stroke the skin gently to stimulate the various sensitive nerve receptors. They apply tactical methods to communicate feelings of love, tenderness and desire by massaging the skin.

Aspects of an Erotic Massage You Should Know

The first time someone is about to experience a sensual erotic massage, it might seem akin to a roller coaster ride.

However, the following aspects should help establish a better understanding of what an erotic massage session might be like

[1] It is not as common as One would think :

Individuals who are living in the centre of the city are likely to pass by several erotic massage salons every day. They are usually highly concentrated in the urban areas do you to their demand. Even though erotic or adult massage parlors are often considered unmentionable in public, there are plenty of busy individuals who frequent these establishments for some much-needed rest, relaxation or procreation. Such spas or massage parlors are not exclusive to men, even women can opt for them.

[2] They are Blended with the Surroundings :

Erotic massage parlors follow strict non-disclosure policies to protect their client’s privacy. In many cases, their usual clients are married or are public figures, which is why they need their interaction with such services to be deeply protected. Hence many of these establishments operate under the guise of a ‘Thai massage shop’

[3] Evidence of Customer Reservation is Removed :

Many erotic massage parlors recommend their clients to make a reservation in advance of their visit. In this case, customers often hesitate to opt for their service for fear of being exposed. However, these parlors follow a strict privacy policy to ensure their client’s identity is protected. This is why the name of the reservation is deleted immediately upon concluding their session.   

[4] It is Normal to Feel Nervous the First Time :

Erotic massage parlors are well-prepared when it comes to making first-time customers feel comfortable and relaxed. They usually have a waiting area where their client can relax and have a chat with the other girls before selecting one and heading into the massage room. In many instances, they are given a glass of wine to ease their nerves.

[5] The Massage is Customized to Meet Specific Needs :

Before escorting the client into the massage room, the masseuse would discuss the details of the massage with the client. Beginners are asked to share their tastes and preferences so that they can be integrated into the massage. The client would let their massage therapist know whether they wish to have a relaxing experience or something a bit more bold. Keep in mind that an erotic massage session is usually convened with both participants naked. If the client is feeling nervous, they can dress down to a comfortable level instead.

[6] It is NOT initiated through Sex :

Typically, an erotic massage therapist would request their client to lie down on the massage bed after which they will be draped in a clean towel. Although the focus of an erotic massage is to excite the senses, the massage session is not initiated sexually. The client is first given a full body massage to release tension from the neck, shoulders and back. More erotic techniques are used to elevate tension as the session proceeds further.    

[7] Beginners usually Experience Soft Sensual Caresses :

An erotic massage therapist would implement a variety of techniques when stroking the client gently. She will gradually spread her fingers to the various erogenous zones, slowly proceeding towards the client’s virility. Eventually, such movements would stimulate the client to the point of no return, when their feet start to curl and they feel shivers move down their spine.

[8] It is important to be Courteous during the Massage :

An erotic massage session can quite quickly become too sensually stimulating. Despite all the excitement it is crucial to remember to treat the masseuse courteously throughout the session. Any other activity that may take place during the session is considered an extra and initiated after discussing terms with the masseuse.


An erotic massage is not strictly provided only at massage parlours. Such services are often provided as an outcall massage in Covent Garden which can take place in any location of the client’s choosing. However, there may be certain logistical limitations depending on the locality which can vary among parlors


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