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Tantric Erotic Lingam Massage : Exploring the Art of Sensual Awakening

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

People are generally shy about sex and sexual activity. People consider sex and sexual pleasure as private conversations. But with time these stereotypes are breaking out and people are more curious about it.

One such practice that explores sexuality not as some dirty or kinky activity but as a source of energy is Tantric, Erotic Lingam Massage in Bayswater, Queensway, Central London, Notting Hill Gate .

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Join us to embark on a journey of spiritual sexuality through the lens of Lingam massage and the therapeutic benefits it has to offer.

Understanding the Tapestry of Erotic Lingam Massage

The basic idea of Lingam massage revolves around the concept of Tantric sex involving massaging the penis. Tantra is a Sanskrit word which means woven together the world of sexuality and spirituality in the realm of Lingam massage.

We can say the process is called tantric sex, a part of the Tantric world where the focus is on body-mind connections. When it comes to Lingam massage you need to follow the method properly; otherwise, the results will not be satisfactory. In the sanctuary of Lingam massage, the masseuse and the client foster a bond relying on eye contact, genitalia, and deep breathing.

For couples, this kind of massage therapy is quite effective. However, lingam massages can also be used as a type of masturbation. (The yoni massage, which concentrates on the vulva, is another tantric massage.)

How the Lingam Massage is Performed ? 

There are two ways to perform lingam massage: tantric massage with a partner or masseuse, or tantric masturbation by the penis owner alone.

Here, we share the professional ways of performing the massage

(i) The therapist helps the client’s penis relax.

(ii) Then, they help you calm down and breathe easily

(iii) After that, they use massage oil to lubricate the penis and testicles.

(iv) They move and tease their hands around the shaft. 

(v) While massaging the shaft they make sure you do not climax. They help you keep at the edge of orgasm.

(vi) They even stimulate the sacred spot which is the prostate gland.

(vii) The massage can end in either way; climax with ejaculation or intercourse.

4 Top Reasons to Opt for Lingam Massage 

Tantric body massages provide more thoughtful and in-depth methods of touching a partner’s body.

Examine the following advantages of a Tantric, Erotic Lingam Massage in Bayswater, Queensway, Central London, and Notting Hill Gate

(1) Helps to Develop a Deeper Connection :

Either with the help of a partner or professional masseuse, the practice makes you feel sexually more heightened. You can unlock deeper intimacy with yourself or your partner through breathing, massage, or partner-based methods like eye contact.

Experienced masseuse tries to bond with you to evade your inhibitions and expose your vulnerability. You open yourself to the therapist physically as well as mentally. The connection between the partners is the key to achieving the desired intimacy and overall results of the practice.

(2) The Practice of Lingam Massage Promotes Mindfulness

Many people deal with stress and anxiety in their daily lives, whether it is related to work or finances. Unfortunately, these concerns can sometimes follow us into the bedroom and interfere with our ability to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Tantric sex is a practice that aims to alleviate these distractions and help individuals focus on their body or their partner’s body, allowing them to be fully present in the moment. By harnessing sexual energy and learning to be more mindful during sex, couples can experience more fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences.

(3) The Practice of Lingam Massage Extends Sexual Intercourse : 

When you are in the Gulf of Lingam session you get to experience a low and thought sensual journey. The focus is not on achieving orgasm but rather on exploring the intricacies of a sensual rollercoaster. With the practice of this massage, you can enjoy the delicate dance of sensuality from long sessions of foreplay to edging.

Unlike traditional intercourse, tantric sex lasts longer immersing in the glow of dark fantasy. As a result, you get a richer sex life and deeper relaxation in the embrace of a sexual partner. if you feel your sexual intercourse is short then this massage is for you.

(4) The Practice Releases from Expectations :

Many individuals tend to have certain expectations or concerns while engaging in sexual activity, whether it is their first time or not. For example, the belief that penetration will occur or the worry of whether one or both partners will reach orgasm.

The aim of tantric sex is to free individuals from these expectations and worries. One can experience tantric sexuality with or without penetration, orgasm, or even a partner.

By relinquishing these expectations, individuals can relax and appreciate the present moment, which can promote spiritual wellness and a more enjoyable sexual experience. 

Clear Your Goals and Expectations from the Lingam Practice 

You need to clear your mind about why you are attracted towards 

happy ending Tantric Erotic Lingam Massage in Bayswater, Queensway, Central London, and Queensway.

Whether you want to alleviate your body, mind and spirit or you want to focus on the blockages preventing you from enjoying sexual intimacy. You need to understand the fact that once you are clear of what you are going to seek from the practice you can manifest the result you desire.

When you approach a therapist you need to share your goals and intentions so that she can bond with you to achieve the desired outcome. They will cater the massage as per your requirements in a very private space. Once you communicate your desires the space for an intimate bond will be easily accessible.

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If you are in search of  happy ending Tantric massages in Bayswater, Queensway, Central London, Notting Hill Gate ,

Lingam therapy is your only alluring sanctuary.

At Angel Touch Massage, professional masseuses offer the practice.

All our therapists are experienced in the art of Lingam Massage exploring the tapestry of intimacy and bond through sensual awakening.

Are you excited to explore the unknown territory of relaxation and sensuality? Call us now and treat yourself to the bliss of intimate Lingam massage.

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