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Maya Massage : An Ancient Therapeutic to Treat Women’s Abdominal Health

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024

What do we understand by ‘abdominal health’ for women? A health condition in which a woman suffers from abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, irregular periods, infertility, or other reproductive issues.

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You may have tried various conventional treatments, such as medication, surgery, or hormone therapy to treat your abdominal health. But have you ever heard of Maya Massage Central London, an alternative therapeutic solution that can treat women’s abdominal health in a natural and holistic way ?

In this blog, we will discuss the interesting history of Maya Abdominal Massage the symptoms it treats and its overall health benefits.

Maya Massage | Ancient Wisdom for Modern Women Erotic massage services Paddington

Maya massage, also known as Maya abdominal therapy, is an ancient healing technique that originated from the Maya civilization in Central America. It is based on the belief that the uterus is the centre of a woman’s health and well-being. Any misalignment, congestion, or stagnation in the uterus which is called a prolapsed or tipped uterus can cause physical and emotional problems. 

Maya massage aims to restore the balance and harmony of the uterus and the surrounding organs by applying gentle and non-invasive massage strokes on the abdomen, lower back, and pelvis. Maya massage also incorporates the use of herbs, oils, diet, and lifestyle changes to support the healing process.

The Causes of Uterus Prolapsed or Tipped


The muscles and ligaments connecting the uterus to the pelvis hold it in place. These uterine ligaments are made to expand when a baby starts to grow or when our bowels or bladders become full. These muscles and ligaments can no longer properly support the uterus when they weaken and become loose. A prolapsed or tilted uterus is the end outcome.

There are numerous inappropriate positions for the uterus to fall into. 

Besides, there are other reasons that cause the problem such as :


(i) Car Accidents

(ii) Running on Concrete

(iii) High-impact activities such as dancing, horseback riding, aerobics, and gymnastics

(iv) Falls

(v) Wearing Heals

(vi) Chronic Constipation

Many women are advised there is no need to worry about a prolapsed or tilted uterus. In fact, it really is a huge thing. An improperly positioned uterus can restrict blood and lymph flow, which can cause nerve connections to break. Blood flow is obstructed to the uterus, ovaries, bowel, and bladder because of this condition. Maya massage Central London

The prolapsed or tipped uterus which is called the ‘wandering womb’ can be corrected by Maya Massage Central London with the help of a professional therapist. 

The capacity of Maya abdominal massage to improve conception and realign a tilted or prolapsed uterus is a well-known fact. You might be one of the 75% of women who have a prolapsed uterus, even if you are not trying to get pregnant or do not have any fertility issues.

The Other Symptoms Maya Massage Can Treat Especially for Women


If any woman suffers from the following symptoms Maya Abdominal Massage can heal such as :- 

(a) Displaced or Relapsed Uterus or Bladder

(b) Difficult Pregnancies or Miscarriages 

(c) Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS

(d) Endometriosis 

(e) IBS or Irritable Syndrome

(f) GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux

(g) Chronic Constipation

(h) Painful Periods and Ovulation

(i) Menopausal Symptoms 

(j) Ovarian Cysts 

(k) Uterine Fibroids

Maya Abdominal Massage | A Plethora of Multiple Health Benefits


Maya massage can offer a range of benefits for women’s abdominal health. The listed are some of the most common benefits you can receive if you choose a professional Private massage therapist in Notting Hill Gate

[α] Relieving Pain and Discomfort


Maya massage can help to relieve pain and discomfort caused by menstrual cramps, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, or pelvic inflammatory disease. It can also help to ease the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings, or dryness.

[β] Improving Fertility and Pregnancy :


This ancient therapy can help to improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes by enhancing blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to the uterus and the ovaries. It can also help to correct the position and shape of the uterus and to prevent or treat uterine prolapse, inversion, or retroversion. It can also help to prepare the body for conception, labour, and delivery and to speed up the recovery after childbirth.

[γ] Enhancing Digestion and Detoxification :


The magic of this massage also works in enhancing digestion and detoxification by stimulating the movement and elimination of waste and toxins from the intestines, liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system. It can also help to prevent or treat constipation, gas, bloating, indigestion, or acid reflux.

[δ] Balancing Hormones and Emotions :


With the help of a professional Maya therapist, you can maintain hormonal and emotional balance. The massage releases stress, tension, and trauma from the nervous system by activating the endocrine system. It can also help to regulate the menstrual cycle and to improve the mood, energy, and libido or sexual energy. 

How to Get Maya Massage ?


If you are interested in getting Maya massage, you can find a certified and experienced practitioner Private massage therapist in Notting Hill Gate.

Before you get Maya massage, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you have any medical conditions such as pregnancy, cancer, infection, or inflammation. You should also inform your practitioner about your medical history, your goals, and your expectations. You should also avoid getting Maya massage during your period or within the first six weeks after childbirth, surgery, or miscarriage.

A typical Maya massage session lasts for about an hour and involves an initial consultation; a physical assessment, a massage treatment, and a follow-up recommendation. 

The massage may also be accompanied by breathing exercises, meditation, or visualization, to enhance the relaxation and healing effects.

Dos and Don’ts after Taking Maya Massage :- 


After the massage, you may feel some soreness, tenderness, or bruising on the treated areas which should subside within a few days. You may also experience some changes in your bowel movements, urination, menstruation, or discharge which are normal signs of detoxification and healing.

You should drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and avoid alcohol, caffeine, or tobacco, to support your body’s recovery. You should also follow your practitioner’s advice on how to perform self-care massage.

How Often Should You Get Maya Massage ?


The frequency and duration of Maya massage depend on your individual condition, goals, and response. Generally, it is recommended to get Maya massage at least once a month, or more often if needed, until you achieve your desired outcome. 

You may also need to get Maya massage more frequently during certain phases of your life such as pre-conception, pregnancy, or menopause.

You may also need to get Maya massage less frequently once you reach a stable and optimal state of health and well-being. 

Final Words


Maya massage is an alternative therapeutic that can treat women’s abdominal health in a natural and holistic way. If you are interested after getting an insight into the multi-faceted benefits of this massage you can reach out to Angels Touch Massage. They have professional masseuses who have experience and expertise in providing Maya Massage as well as Bath Rituals Sessions in Central London.

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Receive this wonderful massage not only to treat abdominal-related issues like menstrual problems and Uterus relapsed but also to improve your overall mental as well as physical health. 


Important Considerations that will Help you Choose the Right Private Massage Therapist

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

A plethora of different individuals are finding it more suitable to add massage therapy to their daily routine. This could either come prescribed by a medical expert or is the best-perceived solution for a sports injury.

Either way, the complete experience of any session with a private massage therapist in Notting Hill Gate depends significantly on the individual skills of the practitioner. This means that the massage experience would undoubtedly vary with each professional visited by the same individual . 

Those who are looking to relieve specific issues or wish to achieve personalized relaxation need not heckle themselves by visiting multiple massage therapists they can find nearby. Rather follow the guidelines in this blog to help find the ideal private massage therapist who can address specific ailment and tailor their client’s massage experience. 

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What Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know ?

Massage therapy sessions can go much smoother only if there is a pretext that helps guide the client through their session. Fortunately, the following steps should help prepare anyone opting for a private massage for the first time.

It should be able to clarify certain standard doubts as well as encourage individuals to enjoy massage therapy in the most optimal way possible. 

(1) Undressing Optimally is Normal :

Getting undressed for a massage appointment can seem unnerving for someone attending for the first time. However, it is a completely normal part of the experience. Massage therapists are licensed practitioners and they follow very strict protocols to ensure the comfort of the client. Private massage therapist Notting hill Gate

Even after getting undressed, either fully or partially, the therapist places a clean white sheet of cloth over the client. Being able to directly contact the skin enables the massage therapist to carry out their job with more precision.

(2) Proper Hydration Enhances Benefits :

The most immediate effects of massage therapy are felt in the removal of waste and toxins from the muscles. The body requires a lot of water to flush out all such waste products.

Furthermore, the massage patient is likely to feel more dehydrated in the aftermath of the massage. Hence, it is ever more crucial to get properly hydrated before attending a massage session. 

(3) Plan your Workouts Ahead of Time

A massage session typically makes the muscles feel relaxed and less tense whereas a workout session implies the opposite effect. Attending a massage after a workout can help soothe any pain the individual might be experiencing.

However, heading to the gym after a massage could end up becoming counterproductive for the muscles become too relaxed. A private massage is best enjoyed after the workout session.

(4) Shower before the Massage :

Taking a long relaxing shower can be a boon before attending a massage session as the individual need not worry about giving off any odor.

Maintaining personal hygiene is not just good etiquette but also helps make the confined space more optimal for the massage. Besides, taking a long hot shower before the massage session helps jumpstart the process of relaxation. It is an effective way of readying the muscles for the massage.

(5) Do Meditative Breathing :

During the massage session, the massage therapist will work on releasing tension from the muscles and boosting blood circulation. During this time the recipient should try to ensure that their body is as oxygenated as possible.

This will help make the massage more effective. Meditative breathing or breathing calmly and peacefully will help keep the blood well-oxygenated. Moving oxygen-rich blood across the muscles is precisely how massage therapy helps an individual feel better. 

(6) Avoid a Massage on a Full Stomach :

A massage therapist will implement techniques that will physically manipulate various muscles and organs in the body. Therefore, attending a massage session on a full stomach can make an individual feel discomfort. Since muscular manipulation can affect the digestive system, it can lead to gas formation.

(7) Speak Out When It Painful :

It is normal for certain aspects of a massage to be slightly discomforting but if it turns painful at any point, the patient should let their therapist know. They would then adjust their pressure or technique to make their client feel more comfortable. Different individuals have varying tolerance for pressure. Some have sore muscles that are too sensitive and need to be approached carefully. Speaking out helps the massage therapist know exactly which areas of the client’s body are experiencing the most pain.

Easy Steps to Discover the Ideal Private Massage Therapist :- Adult Massage Services Paddington

Now that patients can feel a little better prepared when attending massage sessions, it is time to jump-start the search for the best private massage therapist.

Follow these points to help make your search easier and faster :- 

(A) Identify the reason why you need a massage :

Every individual is bound to have different reasons for getting a massage. To avoid getting confused when choosing a massage therapist, it is better to make a note of one’s personal massage goals first.  

Whether a person wishes to induce relaxation in some specific part of the body or heal muscular injury, different massage modalities cater to each need. Massage therapists often train in several modalities and not just one so that they can rehabilitate a diverse range of physical conditions. 

(B) Familiarize yourself with the different massage modalities :

Today, there are over 300 different types of massage modalities which are also known as bodywork techniques. Some of the most popular modalities include Swedish massage, deep tissue, acupressure, shiatsu, Thai massage and even reflexology.

A Swedish massage can offer a relaxing experience whereas a deep tissue massage helps address specific conditions related to muscular pain.

Each modality helps in treating a specific type of condition and a massage therapist can be skilled in many of them. This helps them guide the patient by familiarizing them with the different massage modalities. Thereby giving them the tools to choose the massage that is most appropriate for them.

(C) Sort out what your preferences :

Once the massage modality and massage goals have been set, it is now the moment for the patient to clarify what they prefer for the massage. They can decide on their preferred ambience, techniques to be used during the session and the location where the massage will be held.

Based on their preferences, the massage therapist can set up dimly lit lights, use aromatherapy candles or even play music during the session. Some patients who are struggling with specific conditions would mostly prefer to have their private massage session done at a clinic. 

(D) Enquire after the Massage Therapist’s Experience and Certifications :

This is perhaps the most crucial yet most skipped step when searching for a massage therapist. There is a significant difference between getting a massage done by a professional and by those who lack proper experience. One thing for sure is that there is more risk of injury and unprofessionalism when getting a massage done by an amateur.    

Therefore it is a crucial step to ask for massage therapists’ experience as well as the certifications they hold. The client can ask about any specific specialization or massage modality. Massage therapists usually need to go through special training to get licensed to practice certain massage modalities.

(E) Attend a Consultation Session

The mark of truly professional and effective massage therapists is when they provide pre-massage consultation. Such a session enables the therapist to make an accurate analysis of their client’s massage needs.

They would ask their patient questions like medical history and their health goals during these consultation sessions. This way the client can find out how equipped their massage therapist is before proceeding with the session any further.

Conclusion :- 

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Massage therapy offers several incredible benefits like relaxing an individual or helping them heal specific injuries and conditions. However, not all massages are made equal. An athlete in need of deep tissue massage may not benefit as much from bath ritual sessions in Central London. The expert tips mentioned in this blog can help resolve that dilemma


The Different Dimensions of a Sensual Body Massage Service you Probably Didn’t Know

Friday, December 15th, 2023

The world is constantly evolving at an accelerated rate, thus the demand for maintaining an adequate work-life balance continues to rise. To manage the daily crisis in life people are always in search of holistic healing methods that help bring balance to them in mind, body and spirit. In that sense, opting for a sensual body massage in Paddington, London and Notting Hill Gate might just be the appropriate restorative treatment that can help revitalize an individual, replenishing their energy levels.

Besides being a means of conveying trust and compassion, touch can trigger an intense healing effect in the body. A sensual body massage is a technique different from traditional massage services and is extremely effective in boosting the overall health of an individual.

This blog dissects the different aspects of a sensual body massage that are least popularly discussed. Other than being a method of exploring one’s sexuality, it offers several physiological benefits that are slightly different from traditional massage as shall be discussed in this blog.                                                                                                      

What is a sensual body massage ?   

Sensual body massage services encompass various massage modalities and practices that help induce physical relaxation, provide emotional release and facilitate self-discovery. It takes on a hands-on approach to introducing balance to the body, mind and spirit. Different types of sensual body massages are designed to help adults relax their muscles, reduce stress and release tension to boost the overall well-being of the individual. 

One of the most significant benefits of sensual body massage services is that it encourages the body to release toxins while also improving blood circulation. The techniques applied during the massage also help improve flexibility and strengthen endurance, joints and tendons, thereby releasing the muscles of tension. Consequently, the level of stress in the body is also reduced. This results in better quality sleep and heightened concentration levels, leading to improved productivity. 

  How is it Different from Traditional Massages ?

Sensual massage services imply the use of specialized techniques that strengthen deeper emotional and physical bonds. The sensual approach is different from other traditional forms of massage for it helps release anxiety and stress through sensual means rather than targeting specific muscle groups. Focus is emphasized on not just the body but the mind and emotions of the individual as well. 

Traditional massage methods like the Swedish massage or Deep tissue massage give more importance to the physical aspects of relief while the sensual massage delves deeper. Specific techniques are applied which are meant to elevate the emotional state of the receiver. 

Additional aspects of a sensual massage experience involve the use of soft ambient lighting, aromatic oils, and soothing tranquil music, all of which help establish an environment well-suited for mental relaxation. Different modalities include bath ritual sessions in Bayswater, Central London. These elements give a sensual massage its unique appeal and impact in improving the mental well-being of an individual.  

Keep in mind that it is crucial to approach a sensual massage with a clear understanding of consent and awareness of boundaries. Both parties participating in the massage session should feel comfortable with the experience and the level of intimacy they are about to share. 

The Healing Aspect of Touch and Why We Need It ?

Touch has a crucial role to play in our lives. It is a method and means of communication with the body and helps strengthen bonds and boost health. People show compassion to each other through touch. It is possible to discern the variations of emotions through the sensation of touch. Touch can have quite a powerful effect on how we feel about ourselves and others. 

Touch can bring about several reactions and changes in the human body. Therefore an individual must be touched in as many ways as possible. People who are deprived of different types of touch have been seen to suffer from various health symptoms, including mental health issues like depression. Sensual massage services help replenish the need for touch in the receiver’s life and can yield extremely potent results.    

   How can Sensual Massage Help with Stress Relief

The human body is made from a labyrinth of different connections. These connections when touched appropriately can have an immense positive impact on the emotional and mental state of an individual. The touch applied during sensual body massage is more than just skin deep but rather involves a method for targeting stressed muscles to help alleviate stress and anxiety. By applying specific techniques, the masseuse can stimulate the nerve endings to promote relaxation and slow down the release of hormones like Cortisol.

Yet another magical aspect of sensual massage is the ability to trigger “feel-good” hormones like endorphins and Oxytocin which strengthens the individual’s mental health and well-being. Endorphins function as natural painkillers and mood elevators while Oxytocin, a.k.a the love hormone, induces feelings of trust and strong connection. It is the combined impact of this combination of hormones that acts as the antidote to stress and anxiety. 

The Known Benefits of Sensual Body Massage :

Sensual body massage services offer the following benefits   

(1) Enhanced Relaxation 

The most sought-after benefit of any type of massage therapy is relaxation. Massages help reduce the level of stress in the body and ease internal tensions to bring about a sense of relaxation in the body. This in turn helps ease anxiety and improve blood circulation in the individual.

(2) Intense Pain Relief

Pain relief is a quintessential goal for relaxing the body. The techniques used during a sensual massage session are highly effective in reducing inflammation and relaxing the muscles thus diminishing the level of pain in the body. Massage therapy is especially beneficial for those with lower back issues. 

(3) Improved Sleep Cycle 

By reducing tension and stress in the body, sensual massage therapy can help improve an individual’s quality of sleep by facilitating the release of feel-good hormones while restricting painful sensations in the body.   

(4) Boost in Libido 

Sensual massage techniques give the body the stimulation it needs to promote better blood circulation and boost the level of oxygenation in the blood. This leads to heightened energy levels, thus tackling conditions like chronic fatigue. More energy means more stamina where it matters.   

(5) Mental Wellbeing 

Massage modalities like sensual massage therapy can help reduce the prevalence of stress, anxiety and depression in a person, thereby establishing a tranquil and calm mind. People can choose to hire outcall massage services in Central London whenever they wish to feel relaxed after a long day of tiring work.


So far we have understood that sensual body massage therapy in Paddington, London and Notting Hill Gate offers more than just physical pleasure. It provides a range of psychological benefits like reducing stress and tackling the symptoms of depression. 

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